Friday, 15 August 2008

Lady's Day Out and About

Today was lady's day. My sisters, Betty and Margie and my niece, Danica picked me up around 10 a.m. to head out to tour the little towns in the area. It was cloudy with a threat of rain in the air.

When I got on my computer this morning, my nephew and godson, Nick in Ottawa popped up and said that they were unable to come to the cottage as Becky is sick. That's such a shame, I know how much they enjoy the cottage weekend but better for Gordon not to pick up any extraneous germs. We will miss them! Since we haven't been around at Christmas for the past four years, this is kind of like a Christmas get together. Everyone who has birthdays from now till November gets their birthday presents. That includes Margie and her husband, John, Gordon and myself.

After I got picked up, our first stop was a lady's wear shop in Lindsay. Lots of stuff for $5.00. I got 2 pair of pants (longer than capris but shorter than regular pants), a t-shirt and a necklace for under $20. That was all I bought today. From there we went to Fenelon Falls, a little town on Sturgeon Lake and had lunch at The Falls Restaurant sitting overlooking the Falls. Here's our mugshot.

This is one of the larger sunflowers we've seen up here this summer. Most of them are stunted from lack of sun.

On to Kinmount where we got our pictures taken in the big chair. Betty and I had ours done last year and we thought Margie and Danica might like to be included so we almost managed to get all four of us in the chair.

From there to Bobcaygeon where we looked in a few shops but the main event here was to stop for Kawartha Dairy ice cream, the best in the area. As I don't eat ice cream anymore I took the photo.

Danica found this 'friend' in Bobcaygeon.

Then on to what the locals call the 'Dunsford Walmart'. A lady has taken a warehouse type barn and turned it into basically a junk shop. She sells everything from expired food to sheets, comforters, frames and almost anything else you can imagine!

Finally back at the cottage, Garth prepared hamburgers for dinner. I made a fruit salad and Margie and Danica had brought some cookies, cupcakes, strawberry fluff (yum) and a watermelon. I'm so stuffed I can hardly move. I'm not used to eating two big meals a day.

Now I'm ready for bed!

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