Tuesday, 12 August 2008

A Day of Shopping

This morning I saw numerous Great Blue Herons on my walk. Most of them were flying as I startled them. The reeds are very high and they see me before I see them. They are such an awesome bird. Too bad they have such a terrible squawk. It doesn't fit their image!

Here's a photo of the water/electric sites. They have a beautiful view out the back window. The only problem is the tenters come in and pitch their tents right on the banks so you're usually looking at tents out your back window.

My sister, Betty picked me up at the campground this morning around 10:30 or so to head into Peterborough, about a half hour's drive from Lindsay. We go there every year to do some shopping. I really needed some closed in shoes. When we went on the road in 2004, I kept sandals as I thought that we would be somewhere warm both winter and summer. NOT! So I needed some dressy shoes that aren't high heels as I can't wear those very well especially now that my foot is just healing from being broken this winter. I also have arthritis in the big toe on my right foot so it's not very easy to wear them anyway but I do need a bit of a heel for my back so shoes are tough to find. So here are the ones I found after trying on many, many pairs of shoes!

I also bought a colourful blouse as I like something to wear over my t-shirts. With all the colours in it, It should cover most t-shirts, I think.

We had lunch on the patio at the Holiday Inn. It's the only patio on the water so we usually eat there. Here's a photo of Betty at lunch. Hmmm maybe I need a purple t-shirt.

We covered a lot of territory today, now I'm tired!


  1. Anonymous6:23 pm

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  2. I like your shoes and blouse. Sherri likes shoes and she buys them often. Different kinds for different outfits...Me I just have the run of the mill old shoes that a guy wears..

    Have a good day



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