Monday, 11 August 2008

Getting Things Done and Visiting

This morning I got a lot accomplished. I had to clean the strawberries I bought yesterday, I made a stew, I vacuumed and washed the bathroom floor, all this after my walk. I saw a lovely great blue heron on my morning walk but didn't take my camera today as it gets in the way when I'm running. Oh well!

After lunch we got ready and went to Betty and Garth's cottage which is about 10 miles from us. We spent part of the afternoon there, had a lovely spare rib dinner with new potatoes and fresh corn and stayed to take some photos of sunset.

Here I am relaxing on the back deck at the cottage.

Garth and Gordon are chatting while Betty is inside cooking.

This is their dock and gazebo.

Three baby robins in a nest that we saw on our walk

The swamp just down the way from the cottage


The weather was much the same as it's been for a while but it was humid and cool again.

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