Sunday, 27 April 2008

On a Fulltime RVer's Mail....and Other Stuff

Yesterday when I was at my sister's I picked up our mail. Since we hadn't seen any mail since we left last Fall, we had quite a bag full. I always hate picking up the mail because I don't know what to do with it. All the Visa bills have been paid. I can access all the bank accounts from the internet. The junk mail can just go in the garbage. Then there are the magazines that I get from our Canadian RV Explorer Club and Good Sam. I usually scan them but don't really read them as I would if I were receiving them monthly.

Last year I went to the banks that I deal with and tried to get them to stop sending me things. I did succeed with some items but one of my credit cards insist that they must send me my bill in the mail. I have no idea why, it's their 'policy'.

Good Sam are always sending me junk even though I've asked them not to. I told them, 'we're on the road, we don't get our mail sometimes for months'. They still send me stuff. I threw out two bags of envelopes and junk mail last night. There goes a couple of trees!

Now I have all the bills to file - where? That's one of the major problems I have with RVing - where to file all this 'stuff'!

Well, it rained all day today so I didn't take any photos myself. Our high was only 10C (50F). This is more like the weather I expected when we got home. It's going to be like this and even colder for the next 2-3 days.

The only thing we did today was go the chiropractor. Between the manipulations and the pills for my allergies, they seem to be quite a bit better. My eyes aren't as blurry as they have been. After the chiropractor we stopped at the Sony Store at Bayshore Mall but they didn't have the lens Gordon was interested in. He then stopped to take a photo for today at the Central Experimental Farm. You can see it here.

When I got back I followed the advice on Jenny's blog - Eleven Foot RV and had a nap.

When I got up and checked my email I found that Schmap want to use one of my California photos in their California Schmap on-line magazine. Cool!

Since I didn't take any photos today, I'm posting one of one of my favourite places, the desert with the Pima County Park on the left and Tucson Mountain Park on the right.

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  1. Hi Sandra, I went by today and picked up my allergy pills! Isn't it something to have to put up with allergys! I hope when we get to Arizona we will lose some of this mess. Nice Pictures. I may see you tonight in Chatt


    You know that was not me last night....That crazy Speedy I have to live with him!!!


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