Sunday, 30 September 2007

The Last Day of September

Since it's the last day of the month, here are our expenses for this month:

September Expenses

Campground - $552.19 (electric for the time we’ve been here to be paid when we leave)
Groceries/Wine - $435.44
Laundry - $28.50
Entertainment/Restaurants/Parking - $119.24
Truck Fuel - $208.50
Propane - $24.00
Repairs & Misc RV/Truck - $183.49
Fixed Expenses - $313.68
Medical/Dental - $173.51
Gifts & Misc - $292.71
Total - $2332.26

Now this is a monthly total I can be happy with, especially for being in Ontario. I don’t think any of the categories need to be commented on this month other than to say that a trip to Ottawa was included.

I mentioned yesterday that the area down by the river in the campground was packed because of a rally. Here's what it looked like this morning when I went for my walk. They were really packed in!

This afternoon we decided to take a little drive and see what the trees looked like so we drove north on Hwy 35 and around a couple of little side roads but all I took a picture of was this tree.

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