Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Another Nice Fall Day

I didn't think we'd had enough rain around here for these toadstools to be popping up but this one is right in front of where we park the truck.

The wind was quite strong this morning as you can see from the waves. You usually don't see this on the Scugog.

This is a photo that my brother-in-law took of my sister when we were at the Farmersville Exhibition in July. My niece sent it to me today.

Today was another nice day with a high of about 22C (72F). We did have some rain around noon but then it proceeded to clear up and be nice enough for me to sit outside for a while after I got back from getting the laundry done.

We are supposed to have summer like temperatures for the next couple of days. Too bad I put my shorts away for the season or at least until we get to Arizona!

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