Thursday, 12 July 2007

Laundry, Hair Cuts, Dinner and a Visit

Last night after dinner and doing a mountainous stack of dishes, we took a drive for sunset. We wound up going to Playfairville and McDonald’s Corners but the sunset fizzled again. We took some photos, saw a few deer and that was about it but it was a nice evening for a drive. Below is a photo of the little church in McDonald’s Corners. I love the gingerbread!

What a difference a day makes! This morning was bright, sunny with no humidity and 14C (57F). I did my two miles this morning and actually did a couple of running spurts neither of which I’ve been doing the last couple of mornings because of the heavy air.

After my morning ritual, I took the laundry in to Carleton Place to get that over with then on to the grocery to pick up some items to make my Calico Beans for the potluck at the campground this weekend. When I returned the sun was still shining so I sat outside and had my lunch.

Late this afternoon we both went into Carleton Place and got haircuts. Here’s mine:

Then we headed in to Ottawa. Gordon needed a new camera strap. He’s worn his out so we decided to go to Swiss Chalet for dinner. Nick and Becky had given us gift certificates last September for our birthdays but since there are very few Swiss Chalets in the U.S. (I think only in New York) we just got around to using a couple of them. It was really good too, thanks Nick & Becky. After that we stopped at my sister’s and visited with them for a while and picked up our mail. One of the things in the mail was a package from Laura (my friend who got married in May). It was our name cards that she had made for us but unfortunately we didn’t stay for the reception. They are really cute too. Maybe I’ll post a photo of them tomorrow night. Thanks Laura & Steve!

On our way back to Carleton Place we took the back roads and took a few photos. There was an interesting sky in the north. The clouds looked like snowy mountains along the horizon. Here’s a photo.

And also a photo of a couple of old log barns.

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