Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Just Sittin' Around

It’s still warm and humid here, 20C (68F) for my morning constitutional. I had a bit of sun and no rain this morning. I know this temperature isn’t really warm compared to the 41C (106F) that some of my daily bloggers are having but it feels very humid for me!

When I went in to Ottawa on Sunday I took the sneakers that I bought last week back to Tootsies and they exchanged them for a pair exactly like I bought last year so I wore them this morning for the first time since my blisters have now healed and they worked great! Note to self – if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! In other words, why didn’t I buy the same ones again the first time???

The plan today had been to go into Carleton Place to do the laundry but late this morning we had rolling thunderstorms which lasted into early afternoon. We also had rain and high winds so I decided it could wait till another day.

This afternoon I read my book and made a pot of baked beans. This makes for lots of dishes to do tonight!

This morning we were told that there was a large frog sitting on a tree down by the water so down we went with our cameras and here he is! Not sure what kind of frog it is but he isn't scared and just sits there and gets his picture taken.
He sure is fat though!

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