Saturday, 9 June 2007

A Walk Along the Mississippi

Today was a beautiful day, no humidity, just a lot of bright sun and 23C (74F).

I got a fair bit accomplished this morning. I coloured my hair – light ash blonde this time instead of golden and got the place vacuumed. I consider that a ‘fair bit’.

After lunch we decided to go into Carleton Place and see what we could see. From a Vacations magazine for the area I saw that there was a walking trail along the Mississippi but no directions of how to get to it so my husband found it all on his own. It’s a very nice trail, paved part way and then gravel but wide and level. It also has a boardwalk which reminded us of Six Mile Cypress in Fort Myers except without all the birds although we did see ducks and two large white geese. It was a lovely day for a walk. We then drove to the end of Lake Park Road. There’s a campground there called Hayshores. Sounds like he’s just enlarging it but they had a couple of transient spots right on the water. Too expensive though and not as pretty as Tranquil Acres!

Along the Mississippi

When we came home I sat outside for a while and walked around the campground to see what there was to see. That’s about it for today!

Baby robins nesting under our main slide

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  1. What lovely pictures.

    The robins are sooo cute. We have so many birds nesting in the trees and around the school portables. It's always a sure sign of summer to see the little ones learning to fly and chirping.


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