Sunday, 3 June 2007

We're in Carleton Place till August 6th

It was a nicer morning today than it’s been lately. The temperature was 14C (57F), partly sunny and not as humid as it’s been. Most of the later morning and afternoon was fairly sunny until around 6:00 p.m. when it looked like we might have a thunderstorm but it didn’t happen nor did it rain at least until the time of this posting. I walked south on the Appleton Side Road today as far as the old train tracks and then walked a ways on the pathway *that used to be the train tracks).

Late this morning I returned my older sister’s phone call. They were at the cottage near Lindsay where it was very nice and they had been in the lake already.

This morning I went to the office and signed us up to stay here until April 6th at which time we will go to Victoria Campground in Cobourg for a week, that too is confirmed and then to Double M Campground (hopefully, not confirmed yet) in Lindsay until September 20th when we will start heading west for our winter trek.

Late this afternoon, my younger sister called and when I go into Ottawa on Wednesday for my chiropractor’s appointment, I’ll drop by their place after she gets home from work. My nephew and godson, Nick and my niece, Danica will hopefully be there so I’ll get to see them as well. We don’t know yet if Nick’s wife, Becky will be there or not, Margie wasn’t sure if she was off work or not.

I chatted a bit with our neighbors, John and Jean this afternoon. They have been busy over this past week and just got back from Toronto. They stopped at Cobourg as I had told them about the nice little campground there and they plan to stop for a few days when they leave here in a couple of weeks.

We watched a couple of movies tonight, one of them a Miss Marple which was quite good. Other than that, we spent a quiet evening.

More Campground Garden Photos

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