Tuesday, 5 June 2007

More Rain

Another cloudy morning and18C (64F) but no rain so Jean and I went for a long walk. It took about an hour. That was the highlight of my day and also the highest temperature we saw today. The forecast is for 4C (39F) overnight tonight but it should be warmed up again in a couple of days. Hopefully this cold snap will get rid of the mosquitoes.

About all I did today was make potato salad. I had cooked a lot of potatoes last night as we hadn’t had potato salad for a while. It’s more the weather for stew than potato salad but oh well, we’ll eat it anyway. That’s all that’s on the menu!

Other than that more reading, napping, internet surfing and watching TV!

Since I didn’t take any photos again today, I’ll leave you with photos of a warmer place with lots better weather – our time in Florida in March.

Captiva Island

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