Sunday, 20 May 2007

Very Strange Weather!

This is a photo Gordon took this morning of a lilac tree in the campground
just coming into bloom

It was cloudy, breezy and 12C (54F) this morning. I walked along the side road and back and met Shonagh (campground owner) on my way back and we stood and chatted for a while till Gordon phoned me thinking that I was being held prisoner by a skunk (as happened last year) when I was out walking with Bib. We just had to wait around until the skunk wandered off into the field. I had a nice chat with Shonagh and told her we’d probably be staying an extra month. Unfortunately the painting classes don’t start here until July so I guess I’ll miss them again this year.

The afternoon turned really windy and cold with rain here and there. There are a few tenters here are the park. Not nice for us but especially not nice for them!

I went out and did some grocery shopping and looked around the little mall in Carleton Place for a while this afternoon. The stores are closed tomorrow for Victoria Day.

The temperature (according to our wireless thermometer) dipped nearly 20 degrees this afternoon in the space of about an hour. I looked at it once, it was 19C (67F), next time I looked at it, it was 9C (48F). Go figure!

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