Thursday, 24 May 2007

A Hot Day!

A tulip in hiding

Views from my lawnchair

It was very warm and sunny this morning 22C (71F) just before 9:00 a.m. I took a different route this morning walking east on the side road all the way to the end. It took well over half an hour and my back was feeling it by the time I returned.

The grass was getting very long near our rig and around the satellite dish so I borrowed the campground lawnmower and mowed under our steps and as far under the slides as I could get as well as some of the area beside the rig. Dave can get fairly close with the tractor mower but not under the slides. Just when I finished, he came around on the tractor mower and mowed the rest of the yard as well as the rest of the campground so now we have a nice yard area, so nice in fact that I sat outside for over two hours under the shade of the big tree. There weren’t many mosquitoes around. I guess it was too hot. When I was out mowing this morning, I met the husband of our neighbour that I met last week, John. Jean (whom I had met last week) was also out and said she had seen me out walking in the mornings and wondered if I would like company. So, tomorrow, she’s going with me on my walk.

I’ve also made arrangements to go into my former office for lunch on June 13th to see the folks there.

Gordon got some things done around the RV that needed doing – the valance on the kitchen window has been lose, we had a bulb out in the light above the sink and the handles on my pots and pans needed to be tightened – just niggly small stuff.

Our beautiful day turned into a heavy rain storm around 4:00 p.m. that lasted for about 10 minutes and brought the temperature down from 29C (85F) to 25C (78F) then the sun came out again and it kept raining. Anyway the sun came back, the rain went away and the temperature went up again to 28C (82F). More strange weather!

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