Sunday, 13 May 2007

Happy Mother's Day!

Taken at the end of the street that runs along the campground - the Mississippi River

It got down to freezing here last night! When I got up it was 9C (48F) again but very bright and sunny and continued to be bright and sunny all day warming up to about 16C (60F).

I watched a movie around lunch time and then went out to get fixings to make stew as it’s still kind of stew weather (cool at night). Michelle called just as I was getting back from the grocery store so I had a chat with her for a while. She’s going to email me her butterscotch pie recipe. She gave me a gluten free pie shell when we were down there so I need the ‘real butterscotch pie’ recipe (the recipe was Gordon’s mother’s recipe) to make it right.

I got my stew made. We try not to eat it on the day its made letting it steep in its juices for at least a day so dinner for tomorrow is ready!

Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers out there!

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  1. Anonymous4:09 pm

    Wondering if you mind sharing the butterscoth pie recipe?


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