Friday 18 May 2007

Back to Ottawa and Visitors

Campground flowers

We saw this little guy on our walk at Stony Swamp today

This morning was sunny but only 8C (47F). Again I had to get ready to go into Ottawa this time for the dreaded mammogram appointment. Gordon drove today as the parking lot for the mammogram place is usually full and the spaces are tight for a one ton truck. This way if he can’t find a space, he’ll go elsewhere and I’ll call him when I’m ready. The advantages of having two phones.

My sister called last night. She and John are going to come out for a visit tonight. She’s taken a few days off work due to all the overtime she’s put in so with the long weekend counted in she will have had a week away from work. She said she was really tired so hopefully this will rejuvenate her. Working’s a bitch although I must say that I miss it sometimes. I don’t have Peter (my former boss) to nag anymore!

We made it into Ottawa in time to get my receipts photocopied and sent to my extended health care, get more water and go to the bank before my mammogram appointment. After the appointment, we had lunch at Denny’s next door and then tried to walk on some of the many trails around Ottawa, this one being Stony Swamp but it’s just too muddy yet. So we came back to Carleton Place via the scenic route – Fallowfield and Flewellyn Roads and avoided the construction.

I tried to sit outside when we got back but there are too many mosquitoes although it was bright and sunny and 16C (61F).

Margie and John and their wire-haired terrier, Jasper came for a visit tonight. Quite a few new people arrived. The sites are filling up!

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