Sunday, 22 April 2007

Our Last Day in Columbus

It was 44F and sunny again this morning and turned into a beautiful sunny day with a high somewhere near 81F. At least when I noticed the thermometer in the truck around 6:00 p.m. it was 81F so it could have been warmer.

This morning I went to Walmart and picked up some last minute items. When I got home, Gordon went out and filled our empty propane tank. I spent some time sitting outside reading and I had to get my shorts out it was so beautiful.

Late this afternoon, Gordon decided that his weather station wasn’t working (it was 7 degrees off on temperature and it never did record the wind) so we took it back to Walmart for a refund and got another thermometer. We’ll have to look next year when we’re in the west to see if we can find his wind thermometer.

We stopped to say good-bye to Michelle, Eric and the kids, picked up Taco Bell and came home for dinner. Michelle had surprised Gordon yesterday with his favorite, his mother's butterscotch pie recipe so we brought the remainder of it home with us tonight. It's very yummy!

Tomorrow we head north and expect to stop at Hill’s Family Campground in Erie, PA for the night. Don’t know if the internet satellite will be hooked up or not so just in case I don’t post, we’ll post when we arrive in Ontario on Tuesday.

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