Saturday, 28 April 2007

Happy Birthday Danica and Lilly!

Sorry, this is belated. For some reason this didn't post on Saturday.

Taken near Portland, Ontario

Our niece, Danica is 19 today and our granddaughter, Lilly is 2 today.

We left Ottawa this morning under gray skies. Since there is no thermometer in the rental, I have no idea of the temperature although when we reached the RV our thermometer read 9C (48F) and for late morning, that wasn’t very high. It was also raining by then.

I suggested rather than returning by the same route we take Hwy 16 and take Regional Road 6 (which turns into 4) to Smiths Falls. We’ve gotten so used to the compass in the truck that we missed it a lot. I was completely turned around. Fortunately my husband has a good built in compass so we got to Smiths Falls without a problem. Continuing south on Hwy 15 we stopped at a few places to snap a few photos even though the day wasn’t really conducive for photography.

We arrived at the RV before noon, had something to eat, proceeded to sort the mail (tons of it), read and had a nap. It was just that kind of day!

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