Thursday, 26 April 2007

Bad News and Good News

This morning was very foggy and 6C (43F) for my walk around the park. I walked around the area where the seasonals are and found that there are quite a few for sale here. I wonder why.

Yesterday when we were out we noticed a whining coming from the truck. We thought it might be the tires as they need to be replaced and we are looking into that however Gordon decided this morning to take it into the Dodge dealer and found out that it is probably the differential however the technician at the first dealer he went to is on course and they couldn’t do anything about it including order the parts until Wednesday next week and we have to go to Ottawa tomorrow but Enterprise Rent A Car don’t have any cars and that’s who the Dodge dealer uses.

Since there are two Dodge dealers in Kingston, he went to the other one who started on the truck right away, got us a rental so we’re set up for going to Ottawa tomorrow. The only fly in the ointment is that the dealer says sometimes the warranty doesn’t cover these things even though our warranty is paid for, up to date and well within the warranty period. Go figure!

Since we’re supposed to leave Rideau Acres on Tuesday and we can’t tow with the truck the way it is, I went to the office and signed us up for another week (it was $80 more for next week than it was for this week even with Passport America during the week and Good Sam discount for the weekend).

However, the good news is the differential waited until we were back in Ontario so we weren’t stuck somewhere in the U.S. past the six months allotted for staying in the U.S. and on the side of some highway in the middle of nowhere!

Since we’ll be in Ottawa tomorrow and staying for dinner at my sister’s house, we may stay overnight so there might not be a posting tomorrow night.

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