Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Our First Day in Kingston

It was mostly cloudy and 8C (46F) this morning and I had a nice walk around the park. Rideau Acres is a fairly large park and is on a point so has water on three sides. They have increased the size of the park and now have sites for rallies with just water and electric in one part of the park. As well as the usual ducks and geese around, they now have a pair of peacocks. The male didn’t spread his tail and show off for me but he was pretty just the same.

This morning I called Ottawa Municipal and the site we want has been booked for others for about eight days in the month so I called Rideau Heights and he can put us in an electric and water spot for a week or so and then maybe move us to a full hookup. We’re going to stop in and see him when we go to Ottawa on Friday to sign our income tax forms. Both campgrounds have put their prices up – Ottawa Municipal from $660/month to $704.00 and Rideau Heights from $749.50 to $500.00. Electric is included in both those amounts.

After lunch we decided to see what there was to see at each of the exits off Hwy 401. There isn’t much right near the highway but the fifth exit, being Gardiners Road is actually the shopping district. Bath Road is also a shopping area and there is shopping in downtown Kingston as well. We headed to Bath Road as I knew there was a Food Basics there and I needed to pick up some groceries, especially perishables. I finally was able to get some nice fresh fruit. It’s amazing that I had to return home to get it. Apples and plums are less expensive than most of the places we were in the U.S. Bread is also cheaper. Unfortunately wine is not. It’s about three times the price that we’ve paid all winter.

We drove through downtown Kingston on the way back. They now have the Farmer’s Market area ready. It’s been under construction for the past year or so.

We got home around 3:30 p.m. and I read for a bit. The sun started to come out around 4:30 p.m. and the temperature reached only 12C (53F).

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