Wednesday, 13 September 2006

Doctor, Dentist & Visit

Well, today marks the end of the beautiful days. I woke up to intermittent rain but not being a fair weather walker, away I went. I managed to get a 15 minute walk in without getting too wet. It's supposed to clear up by Friday.

Gordon had an 11:00 a.m. doctor’s appointment this morning followed by my 1:00 p.m. dentist appointment so we headed out for those. We decided that we would stay at this campground another week. I think we’re getting lazy with spending a month in locations this month and after only a week, it seems too soon to move.

We got doctor and dentist appointments overwith and all my sensitive teeth were fixed by painting some kind of resin over them. The enamel is eroding which is causing sensitivity. I’m always thinking she’s going to want to do something drastic and every time I come away from her office very happy with what she’s done and usually without much pain!

After we got home, I did some interneting and returned some emails.Then read for a while until the usual happens when I’m reading, I get sleepy but it’s a day to be sleepy. It’s a steady rain and very misty out. The RV was quite damp when we got home so we got the heater going and it’s doing better. I hate going out in the evening this time of year when it’s raining as the dampness just seems to seep inside. We could run the furnace but that depletes propane and we’re paying a fortune to stay here at this campground so using the electricity!

Tonight Margie and John came over for a visit. John brought a John-designed foam pillow for our bathroom sink for traveling. It should cushion the sink it just fine!

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