Friday, 15 September 2006

Friday Errands

This is a photo of Grace and Luke that Michelle sent to us.

Another cloudy, not very nice morning but at least it wasn’t raining at all for my walk. After breakfast I got the laundry together and headed over to the campground Laundromat but it seemed that was everyone else’s plan today too. I was only able to get one machine so when that load was finished washing I packed it all up and went to the Laundromat at Britannia. It’s the first time I’ve been at that one and I wouldn’t recommend it. Some of the washers say $1.75 but they won’t work unless you put $2.00 in them. They are very finicky about quarters, some don’t work and their dryers take FOREVER to dry! The washing machines do appear to do a nice whitening job though. Some Laundromats don’t. I think I’ll either wait for the facilities here in the future or find another Laundromat.

This afternoon I decided that I wanted the awning out so we went out to get some tie down straps. We had three. We need two for the awning which hasn’t been out since we arrived here and one for each satellite dish so we went in search of two more as one of them doesn’t work very well anymore. We went to Canadian Tire, too expensive; Zellers, no price on them even taking them to the price reader. So we went to Home Depot and made our purchase there. Now we need to buy another corkscrew stake but didn’t think of that till we got home. Gordon put the awning out anyway and used the stake that we bought at Quartzsite.

Gordon went downtown this evening to take some night shots of Ottawa while I decided to stay home and watch TV.

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