Thursday 21 December 2006

We Stayed at Home Today

This is a photo that Gordon took of me the other day in one of the little electric cars

A cold front came in last night so I was surprised when I got up this morning to see that the temperature was 64F (17C) but cloudy. I went on my usual walk to Roberts Point Park but it was fairly windy so the birds were sitting low and in different places than usual.

The day remained cloudy and we had rain off and on. The temperature got to about 67F (19C) before dropping in the early afternoon. We spent the day indoors, reading and napping. I went up to the office and signed us up for the Christmas Day potluck. Not a lot of people have signed up so hope it will be a success. There’s apparently another one going on at the local community centre where some of the park residents go to take tai chi and do crafts etc. so that may eat away at our attendance. Also some people have gone elsewhere to be with family. It sure won’t be as well attended as the last two years when we were at larger RV parks.

Other than making stew and cornbread today, that’s it for me!

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