Tuesday, 19 December 2006

Foggy and Cloudy Day

Some really nice yachts in the fog!

A couple of pole sitters at the marina

It was very foggy this morning but 65F (18C) so I walked to Roberts Point Park. While I was walking along the water I had to keep cleaning my glasses as the mist from the water and the humidity were causing them to get wet. There was also quite a breeze blowing. When I got back, my hair was wet too.

When I came home Gordon suggested we go out for breakfast so we walked just behind our RV to the Whataburger and had bacon and eggs, home fries and a biscuit with free coffee (for seniors). Their coffee was good and the breakfast wasn’t bad. We’ve had worse. Below is a history of the chain taken from Wikipedia.

Whataburger is a privately held, regional fast-food restaurant specializing in hamburgers. The company, established by Harmon Dobson opened its first restaurant in Corpus Christi, Texas on August 8, 1950. By 1960 the chain had grown to 17 locations in Texas, Tennessee and Florida. Today, Whataburger, Inc. is still owned and operated by the Dobson family and has over 600 locations in 10 US states and in Mexico. The corporate headquarters are in Corpus Christi, Texas.

Whataburger was known for its distinctive A-Framed, orange and white striped roofed buildings (newer buildings are built similar to other fast-food chains, though the roof is built in the orange-and-white triangular shape). Most Whataburger restaurants are open 24 hours, unlike most other competitors Whataburger's breakfast menu is served from 11:00 PM through 11:00 AM each day, a wider window than most other fast-food restaurants, and all regular menu items are still available during breakfast service.

When we got back to the RV we spent some time on the internet then decided to go out for a drive to see what we could see. With it still being very foggy we couldn’t see much but drove around town and along the city beach and found a few other RV parks. We still like the one we’re at now though. It’s very central and you can walk to lots of things. We also stopped at the store with the shark and I bought a Port Aransas hat in black identical to the one Gordon bought yesterday although his is gray.

It was still foggy when we headed back to the rig. It burned off in the afternoon but it remained cloudy all day with some rain.

I also decided since it was not a really nice day to get the laundry done so that’s overwith for another week or so.

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