Saturday, 23 December 2006

It's Not a Very Nice Christmas Eve Eve's Day

It was mostly cloudy, 59F (15C) and very windy this morning. I walked to Roberts Point Park anyway. It was tough walking against the wind but I got pushed all the way home There weren’t any birds sitting on the fishing piers or the rocks because of the wind. The herons tend to stay crouched down somewhere out of the wind. The pelicans and seagulls were flying around though and I did see one dolphin but couldn’t get a photo of him.

I forgot to mention that last night we went to the south jetty for sunset. It wasn’t a great sunset but there were some nice clouds over the Gulf. My pictures today are ones I took last night at the jetty.

The pink cloud's from last night's sunset

A different heron (he's not as big as the one I see at RPP) at the south jetty

The sun sets behind a condo at the beach

The birds gather at sunset

Today was very, very windy and the high only got to 61F (16C). We also got some rain. We stayed in all day and vegged. The highs for the next couple of days will barely make it into the 60s F.

Gordon has posted our cyber Christmas card on his web page here.

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