Tuesday, 5 December 2006

We Found a Campsite for the Holidays!

The first photo is of one of many jellyfish that I found on the beach this morning. Lots of them are huge. When I saw the first one I thought it was just a plastic grocery bag until I got closer so that's about the size it is. The second photo is of a dark blue shell that I saw this morning. There were quite a few of these on the beach too as well as ones like I posted yesterday. The third photo is a sign that you're greeted with just before entering the campground area. I have watched for said snakes and haven't seen any. Sure hope it stays that way!
It was sunny, not so windy and much warmer this morning 63F (16C)! I think our high today was 65F (18C).

This afternoon we had to get propane and I wanted to get some stamps and a few groceries so we drove into Port Aransas. I was quite impressed with the IGA store there so we decided we’d look for our RV park in Port Aransas for over Christmas. We looked at one where the sites were fairly tight and then Gordon spotted one that it seemed that we couldn’t get to. We finally found the entrance to Marina Beach RV Resort and found that it is a new resort only opening last year. There were quite a few empty spots and we liked the looks of the place so we signed up for a month beginning this Sunday. We’re right in town and only a short distance from the ferry that takes us to Aransas Pass so it’s a convenient location and the sites are fairly large and easy to get in and out of. It doesn’t have a swimming pool yet but they do have pot lucks, breakfasts and crafts so I’m happy. We shouldn’t have any problem finding the satellites for the internet and TV either.

Glad that’s out of the way, now we can go about enjoying the area!

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