Monday, 4 December 2006

Beach Stuff

Today was bright and sunny but not very warm when I left for my beach walk. I mentioned yesterday that when the full moon comes, the tides come in farther toward the dunes and you can see from the photo that I took this morning that the tide came in much further last night than it has since we’ve been here at Mustang Island. I also found out that the full moon is this week not next.

I also found a lot of seashells on the beach this morning that were still intact. Some of them were quite large. There were also a lot of little birds (we think, plovers) scurrying around the beach as usual. They are really funny to watch.

Although the day was sunny we only got to about 55F (13C).

We didn’t go out anywhere today, I just walked around the area and the beach looking for the great blue heron which I never did find.

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