Wednesday, 6 December 2006

Another Day at the Beach!

Looks like some weather coming in. Hard to tell the difference between water and sky

Oil rigs in the Gulf
This morning was warm and cloudy. I decided not to take my camera today and wouldn’t you know it, right there on the beach was the great blue heron and hunkered down waiting for some fish to come to him. Oh well, that’s the way it goes. As I walked down the beach he flew down beside me. That would never happen if I had my camera with me.

I had planned to do laundry today but since it was warm and the sun was coming out briefly every now and then, I elected to sit outside and wait till tomorrow to do the laundry as it’s supposed to rain.

We had lots of people come in today. There’s a couple here from Barrie, Ontario and a lady and her dog who have a truck and fifth wheel. She’s planning on selling her house and going full time. That takes guts!

It reached 75F (24C) today and was quite humid but will be much colder tomorrow with 'light' rain. The weather on the radio station that I listen to is saying 57F (14C) for Corpus Christi. It may be a bit warmer here but not much!

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