Friday 1 December 2006

Sunny and on the Chilly Side!

It was bright and sunny this morning but only 48F (9C) when I went for my walk. Quite a difference from yesterday morning. The other difference is the beach was clean, no seaweed, no Portuguese Man O’War on the beach so either the wind carried everything out to sea which I think is unlikely or they cleaned the beach during the windstorm yesterday. I didn’t take my camera with me this morning so I don’t have photos.

Today I needed to go to SuperWalMart so Gordon drove me as it’s quite a ways into Corpus Christi and I don't like driving if I don't know where I'm going. On the way we stopped and checked out some campgrounds in Corpus Christi thinking that if we couldn’t find one in Rockport, we could stay in Corpus Christi but didn’t find one that suited us. Fussy eh?

It did reach 59F (15C) today but since it’s turned quite chilly here and will be for a few days we thought about heading south toward South Padre Island instead of going to Goose Island State Park. That’s something you can do if you don’t have reservations but I think we’ve decided to go GISP and look for something in Rockport. I can get around by myself there!

Monthly Expenses for November

Campground Fees - $616.75

Groceries - $417.14

Laundry - $19.50

Wine/Spirits - $0.00 – Under groceries

Entertainment - $86.00

Snacks - $2.85

Eating Out - $112.11

Fuel (Truck) - $431.01

Propane - $22.75

Repairs/Service RV/Truck - $198.37

Misc - $80.36

Insurance - $151.04

Internet/TV - $155.57

Cell Phones - $114.18 – we get a $50 rebate on Gordon’s new cell phone (not reflected)

Medical/Dental - $251.52

Gifts - $0.00

Total - $2709.15

Considering we did a lot of driving this month, we did fairly well. The Medical/Dental may change as I haven’t submitted anything through insurance yet so I’m not sure how much they will pay. Other than that, everything’s pretty self-explanatory.

Photos below are of the USS Lexington. It was the most highly decorated aircraft carrier of World War II and is now a floating museum since its retirement after 48 years of service, a longer tour than any other ship in the U.S. Navy.

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