Thursday 30 November 2006

A Nasty Day!

I have no idea what this is. Anyone have any ideas?

This photo shows the expanse of beach and the truck camper mentioned in the blog below

Another beautiful morning for my beach walk. This morning there was a truck camper parked on the beach. There are no hookups there but you can dry camp.

From 72F (22C) at 8:00 a.m. by 10:30 a.m. it was 49F (9C) and VERY windy. I’ve never seen the temperature drop that far that quickly. Apparently they had snow in Dallas today so at least we don’t have that. I sat outside this morning after breakfast thinking that it might be my last chance to do so for a while and within about 15 minutes of going out the sun had gone and cloud had set in and it started to rain. It rained on and off for about an hour or so leaving us with the strong winds and low temperatures. Out came the heater again. I had hoped it wasn’t going to be needed until we start heading homeward in the spring.

Later in the afternoon, the power went out, it had been of and on a few times and then it went out for about 45 minutes. We were starting to think that it was going to be a long, cold night when it came back on.

The sun also came out late in the afternoon and the skies began to clear and it warmed up a bit to 52F (11C).

The electric blanket may have to come out again tonight!

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