Monday, 27 November 2006

Photo Ops & Visits

It was very warm overnight even with the windows open but it sure was nice to hear the surf! I hadn’t turned my fan on so I could hear the waves but it got hot so about the middle of the night I turned it on. We also took the electric blanket off the bed today. It’s supposed to get down into the 40’s F during the week at night so we can put it back on if we need to.

I walked down to the beach for my walk this morning and did part of my walk on the beach watching the pelicans and the shore birds. There was only one other person there quite a ways from where I was and it looked like he was fishing. It was great to walk in shorts and T-shirt again.

I put up the clothesline this morning as with the humidity, our towels won’t dry inside the RV and there’s no campground rule against clothes lines here as there are in most RV parks.

Late this morning we headed over toward Port Aransas looking for photo opportunites. We saw a couple of birds at one spot along the way but saw most of our photo ops at Roberts Point Park by the ferry in Port Aransas. There was a very cooperative heron and some pelicans as well as some dolphin in the bay. Photos above.

These birds hang around the fishermen hoping for a handout. In one of the photos of the heron, you’ll see he’s giving me what for for sneaking up on him to get his picture. They really do have an ugly sound for such a pretty, graceful-looking bird.

While we were out, Carolyn & John, blogger friends dropped by and left their card. They are staying at an RV park in Corpus Christi. Also Howard & Linda from dropped by. I had notified them on their website this morning that we were in the area. It was great to meet Howard & Linda. They were being chauffered by a local lady who is also a follower of their website. I’m sorry we missed Carolyn & John though. Carolyn is the lady who recommended the campground at Levis, Quebec that we liked so much.

There was also another couple here at Mustang Island from Ottawa, Pat & Terry left this morning for South Padre Island so we may see them again. The RV world is a small one!

At sunset we went out to see if we could find a place for photographing sunsets but tonight's sunset was a bust so we continued into Corpus Christi as it was time to update Gordon's phone. I had been forced to upgrade mine earlier since I dropped it and it didn't survive. He got the same phone that I have. After that, we stopped at Taco Bell for dinner and then headed home.

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