Sunday, 21 May 2006

Sick to Death of Rain!!!!!

I woke up to, guess what – rain! Can you tell I’m getting very sick of it? After taking Bib out, I had thought about doing my walk in the rain but then it started to come down more heavily and I changed my mind. So back inside for breakfast and by the time showers and such were overwith and some reading it was nearly noon.

The sun came out for a bit so I did manage to get my walk done but since I hadn’t gone yesterday because of the rain, I’m still a day behind there.

I decided to go out and pick up a few groceries since tomorrow is a holiday. Our holiday weekend here in Ontario is Victoria Day in honour of Queen Victoria. Too bad it’s such nasty weather! I seem to recall last year was much the same on this weekend.

Bib was getting bored being inside so he and I got in the truck and headed out to do some shopping. I went to Merivale Mall with the intention of getting most things at Farm Boy. I met my brother-in-law, John in the mall and he said there was quit a bit of mail waiting for me at the house and that Danica was there so I could drop by. When I got to Farm Boy, I met he and my sister and we chatted for a short time. Next to the Zellers mall to pick up some things and then on to my sister’s house to pick up the mail.

Danica was there and I got some info on how she enjoyed musicfest. One of my friends, Laura asked me if she played jazz trumpet and she does but thinks she’s more suited to concert band. She said she had a great time and loved it but there was evidence of her getting homework done. With going to New York for a few days and being at musicfest all week, she now has to get back to the grind. High school will soon be over and she graduates on June 28th, then on to the University of Ottawa in September!

I didn’t get to see Nick, he was sleeping. He’s been working and it’s a bit of a grind for him having to get all the way to the southeast end of the city at all sorts of hours.

Can you tell I’ve been reading Rosamund Pilcher again? I seem to be adopting some of the British way of writing.

After that, I stopped at Your Independent as I had forgotten to get bananas and I needed to pick up something else I hadn’t found, that done, I headed home.

More reading, naps and getting ready for Desperate Housewives grand finale tonight!

Again, no photos. Just isn’t the weather for it!

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