Saturday 27 May 2006

Feleena's Yummy!

Fountain at The Garden of the Provinces and Territories

Lilacs along Bay Street

This morning was busy. I coloured my hair, cleaned and vacuumed, got showered as I was hot and sweaty and then sat outside and read for a while. The sun had come out around 10:00 a.m. after starting out as a cloudy day.

Yesterday afternoon I cleaned out under the bed and found a coat that I didn’t know I had kept. I’m really happy about it as I really liked that coat. I had bought another one at the Thrift store but it wasn’t all that warm and it was bright red so I’m glad I found my own. I was sure I’d given it away. You’d think with the small amount of storage space we have I’d know everything that we have but obviously not! Unfortunately it’s almost out of time for wearing this season but I’ll be happy to have it in the Fall.

This afternoon, I sat outside and read again. Bib sat with me for a while.

Late in the afternoon, Gordon decided he wanted to go downtown to take abstract photos so off we went. We parked on Bay Street near Wellington and took some photos in the Garden of the Provinces and Territories then walked east on Wellington, south on Bank and back to the truck through the Sparks Street Mall.

We decided since we were downtown to head south on Bank Street and have dinner at our favourite Mexican Restaurant, Feleena’s in the Glebe. Bad move – today was the Glebe Garage Sale. They were really busy and had two parties besides but we only waited 10 minutes or so for a table. We didn’t get to sit outside but that’s okay. We’ll be back!

Then back home for our usual TV and internet. Bib was glad to see us. He couldn’t come with us as it was too hot in the truck to leave him and he’s scared walking on the streets downtown. Too much noise!

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