Thursday 25 May 2006

Chapman Mills Conservation Area

Rideau River from Chapman Mills Conservation Area

Pathway running through the Chapman Mills Conservation Area

Boardwalk running through Chapman Mills Conservation Area

Downy Woodpecker (cropped photo)

I stayed up till midnight last night to watch the season finale of Lost so I was still tired this morning. After walks and breakfast, I went outside to read but it was too hot in the sun and very little shade on our site so I came in and fell asleep.

When I woke up, Gordon wanted to go south on Prince of Wales (Hwy 16) to the Chapman Mills Conservation Area where he had gone yesterday so Bib and I went with him. Photos today were taken there. It's located on the west bank of the Rideau River just south of Black Rapids and off Winding Way. We walked for about an hour and then came home. It's a nice walking area. There is a pathway but most of it is boardwalk.

I sat outside when we came back for quite a while and read my book.

Our neighbours were at a rally at Stratford, Ontario this weekend and on their way back stopped at Lindsay and got their satellite dish from 3i Communications so we made a quick $100 for the referral!

It’s TV and internet tonight!

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