Saturday, 29 April 2006

We're Back in Ontario!

Caden's artwork

Lake adjacent to our RV

Our site at Rideau Acres Campground, Kingston (taken by Gordon)

Thanks to Jim & Wendy for letting us use your driveway and electricity and for the great lobster dinner!

We left Clinton, NY at about 9:30 a.m. and reached the border at about noon. There were three cars ahead of us at the border and the Customs official was giving them the third degree. Who knows why! I thought because of the way he was checking out cars that we would be pulled over and searched for sure. Luckily, we didn’t buy much on this trip so were way under our limit and we were asked very few questions and sent on our merry way arriving at Rideau Acres Campground at Kingston at about 1:30. We were set up by 2:35 p.m. We’re in a site just down from where we were parked at the Titanium Rally last year and since the leaves and undergrowth haven’t reached maturity yet we noticed that there is water on our left hand side that we hadn’t noticed last year. There is a small deck area overlooking the water so I may be spending some time there this week.

So far our plans are to come into Ottawa one day and check the two campgrounds in the city to see if we can access the satellite for our internet and then book a month at that campground so we should be arriving in Ottawa next weekend. I also need to see my chiropractor. My lower back has been really bothering me since we left Erie this week. We’ll also see my sister and family (hopefully if they aren’t busy). We also have Bib booked for an appointment with the groomer in Gananoque for Wednesday afternoon. Bib likes this groomer. She loves dogs and he can tell. He didn’t have a pleasant experience at Smoochie Pocchie in Mesa so I didn’t want to take him to a stranger.

The plan also is to visit Aunt Ruth while Bib is being groomed but I have to clear it with her yet.

After we got settled it was such a beautiful sunny day that I got the lawn chairs out and sat out and read for a while. Bib sat with me. He seems to like being back in Ontario. He hasn’t been all that keen about going outside and if I mention it, unless he really needs to go out he runs and hides behind his chair. He wanted to go for walks, so we did that and then I went for a long walk by myself hoping that will help my back. It’s no worse, so that’s good. It got to about 18C (65F) here today.

Late in the afternoon we went to the closest grocery, the ValuMart just south of Hwy 401 and picked up a few groceries. I hadn’t bought any fruit as you never know if you can cross the border with it or not but we weren’t even asked this time.

So we’re in for the night and will probably just relax tomorrow. I see a lawn chair with my name on it!


  1. Welcome back, Sandra! Is it weird to be using Canadian money after using US money for so long?? We always find that strange when we get back from a trip in the US...and also having the big sales tax come back up on everything you buy! :)

  2. Hi Sandra: Welcome home !! You and Gordon are doing what I would love to be doing !! I hope to be able to contact you either at work or outside of work. The weather is supposed to be very nice over the next few weeks .. .thanks for bringing the Arizona weather with you @#$!


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