Friday, 28 April 2006

Happy Birthday Danica and Lilly!

(Photo taken last August at our cottage weekend)


Wendy and Jim at dinner at the Hamilton Inn

Happy Birthday Danica and Lilly!

We have two birthdays in our family today, Danica, my younger sisters daughter turns 18 and Lilly, our granddaughter turns 1. Happy Birthday to both of you!

Gordon and Jim left before sunrise this morning to take some photos but weren’t out long. They didn’t find much to take photos of, I guess.

I just lazed around for most of the morning. We took advantage of Jim and Wendy’s shower to have a nice hot shower, then Gordon drove me to WalMart to pick up some last minute things. My 10 year old Timex has been losing time so I bought an almost identical indiglo Timex except this one has the date on it too. I also got a calculator that takes paper. When you’re adding up receipts, it’s nice to have a paper record.

When we came back, the guys went out shooting again for a while and I started to get things ready to cross the border, receipts in order, Canadian money and passports ready. We’ve decided to cross tomorrow. Hopefully it won’t be too busy. The plan right now is to head to Rideau Acres Campground at Kingston for a week. Rideau Acres is a Passport America Park so should be somewhere around $17-$20 per night depending on if we go with 50 amp service or not.

I also called Vos Trailers where we bought our fifth wheel to get them to order a new bathroom sink for us. Some things fell out of the medicine cabinet on our way west through Ontario and now it has a big hole in it so we’ve been using the kitchen sink as a bathroom sink and I’m tired of it! It should be in by the time we arrive in Ottawa about mid May.

So, I guess we’re as ready as we’ll ever be to return to Ontario, just wish it would warm up more!

Today in Clinton, NY, it was bright, sunny and 55F (12C). There was a slight breeze so a bit on the cool side.

Tonight we took Jim & Wendy out for dinner at the Hamilton Inn in Clinton to thank them for letting us stay at their house and feeding us. Our RV isn’t really set up for dining although we have four chairs, it would be a tight squeeze. It’s better in the summer if we can use a picnic table. It was a really good meal. The food was delicious and beautifully presented. After dinner we took a drive around the town. Lots of beautiful old homes!

My back is still very sore and I’m walking very stiffly. It seems to loosen up during the day but it’s still hard to get up from a seated or lying down or squatting position. Sure hope it loosens up soon. I’m getting very tired of it!

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