Tuesday, 7 March 2006

Sierra Vista

Lone Tree at Sunset

Gordon ran out of paper sleeves to house our DVDs yesterday so today after walks and showers we headed into Sierra Vista, about 30 miles away. We were told that Sierra Vista is the closest shopping place. Indeed it does have WalMart (not a Superstore), Target and a small shopping centre with Sears and Dillards as well as a Staples where we were able to purchase the paper sleeves.

On our way, the clouds to the east were very black and it started to rain. It rained all the way to Sierra Vista and most of the way back until we were about 10 miles or so south of our campground. Doesn’t look like this area got much rain at all. In fact when I was in town, one of the ladies in a store said that the town of Benson hadn’t gotten any rain.

After lunch I drove myself into the town of Benson. We didn’t stay at Sierra Vista long enough to do any shopping as the wind had come up and we had to get home to make sure the satellite dish hadn’t taken flight. Benson doesn’t have much – a 99¢ store, a Safeway Grocery, Radio Shack and a Family Dollar. There were some other stores like a Western Wear and various other small stores. I wandered around for a couple of hours, bought a few small items and got home in time to feed my dog, read my book and take a nap.

At sunset we went out and took some photos along SR90 which is the highway that runs by the RV Park. I tried to upload a photo of a lone tree but for some reason the server won't accept it so will have to try another time.

Despite the threat of rain, the temperature today got to a respectable 69F. It was 57F when I got up this morning.

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