Monday, 6 March 2006

Comments Now Posted!

My apologies to everyone who has been leaving comments on my blog. I had made some changes to my settings regarding moderating comments and then didn’t put an email address to be notified when I do have a comment so I just found them all when I asked my husband to post a comment as I thought something was wrong. So, all comments are now posted. Thanks everyone. I thought no one was interested anymore! I have now put my email address on file to be notified.

Some people have asked for more photos. Here are links to photos that don’t go on my blog:

My husband is the photographer in the family though. His photos are at:

Our Nomads News website also:

Now you know everything about us!

I had a really nice walk this morning. This park is much more conducive to walking than Prince of Tucson was. There are more sites being built here and they are also selling sites in one area of the park. The area around is quite picturesque. I plan to check out the sales sometime this week. I’m always interested even if we’re not ready to purchase. It’s good to have the information for when/if we are ready. Bib even got me up early to go out this morning so as of now there’s nothing he’s afraid of.

This morning Gordon slept through a nice sunrise. Guess he needed the sleep!

So today we didn’t do too much, sat outside, read, had a nap. Then late this afternoon we drove east on I-10 to Texas Canyon. There are a lot of rocks there and apparently is a popular spot with rock climbers. Took a few photos there. Then drove west to the Mescal location of Old Tucson Studios. It was closed to the public. It was apparently built because of too many tourists at the Old Tucson Studios in Tucson. They limit the public
to tours on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Got a photo from a distance.

Photos today are shots that we took while on our drive this afternoon.

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