Monday 13 February 2006


Palm Tree Gets Mooned

Another slow start today but I had decided yesterday that I was going to go to the Superstition Springs Mall today so I headed out around 11:00 a.m. It’s only a few blocks away. It looked like a really large mall but once I was inside it wasn’t that big even though it does have lots of anchor stores-Sears, Penney, Robinson-May, Dillards and Borders is just being added as well as a large theater complex. I did come home with one item but I can’t say what it was as it’s a gift for someone. Other than that I had a nice free chair massage at GNC which revitalized me so my back wasn’t nearly so sore when I got home today. Usually all that walking on a hard surface is a killer for the low back. I also had a peaceful lunch in the food court.

Gordon and I had talked about finding a different way to go north out of Mesa rather than using the route we came in on so today we headed out around 2:30 p.m. to take the new 202 which is a new loop road that is partially built. They are actually building the south-east portion right behind the park where we are staying. It looked like 202 joined with I-17 but in fact it ends at I-10 and takes you through a very busy part of the city so back to the drawing board there. We did however come back on another loop road – 101 and I think this is the road we’ll take north to I-17. Traffic was very busy today for mid-afternoon on a Monday. Couldn’t believe it and it didn’t appear to be all snowbirds as most of the license plates were Arizona. Our question is always – doesn’t anyone work anymore?

This area has some very pretty artistic walls that border the freeways. Some are the red adobe and others are gray and beige but nearly all of them have some design, either an Aztec type or some type of animals, Indians, cactus or lizards usually with some sort of inlay. It makes our boring freeway walls look just that…boring….I’m going to try to get a photo. Maybe I’ll be able to take some on the way out on Saturday. Hopefully it won’t be so busy.

When we got back I took my walk around the park then came back to find that I had an email from the park at Camp Verde called Distant Drums. I had sent an email this morning to see if they could accommodate us for next week and they replied in the affirmative so I’ve just emailed them back to say that we’ll be there. So on Saturday morning we’ll be heading north to Camp Verde which is about 20 miles south of Sedona. There’s not much in the way of RV parks in Sedona and the one that is there is VERY expensive.

Another TV and internet/computer game evening.

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