Friday, 17 February 2006

Mesa Market

Today dawned cloudy but it’s managed to get to 65F. I had decided yesterday that I was going to the Swap Meet on Baseline Road today so after the usual walks this morning, we got ready to go. It’s only a short distance away and I happened to see it the day we drove to Globe. You can see it from US Route 60. It’s actually called Mesa Market. It consists of some 1600 booths and is one of Arizona’s largest covered swap meets. It is housed in a type of warehouse and has free parking and free entrance. Unlike the one we attended over in Phoenix when we first arrived here, this place actually had some really good stuff. We were only there for two hours (that’s usually all my back will allow) so although I walked the whole market, I didn’t go into every shop. They had everything from lawn ornaments to cactus to clothing and also a restaurant and a few snack food counters. Both Gordon and I bought a couple of things each. I saw lots of things I would have purchased if I had still been working and still had a stick house!

When I got back I fell asleep watching the History Channel’s uncovering of the Scorpion King Tomb.

Since we’re heading north from here to the Sedona area, I decided when I was out shopping for groceries yesterday to make my hamburger stew so today I put it all together and it’s now simmering on the stove. I always like to have something ready for us to eat when we get to a new place. I don’t usually feel much like cooking after riding all day and then setting up. Tomorrow’s drive shouldn’t be very long. Probably the worst part will be getting through the city.

We still have some breaking down to do today as we want to get an early start tomorrow so will be putting away the barbecue and lawn furniture and emptying the tanks today.

We’ve enjoyed this area very much but the traffic is starting to get to Gordon so it will be fun to move on and see some different things. I’m not looking forward to the weather change, but who knows, maybe the warmer weather will follow us north. Reports are that there will be snow in Flagstaff tomorrow but Camp Verde is not at a very high elevation so the weather should be much better. Our plans are to go to the Grand Canyon sometime this week so we’ll probably see some snow anyway!

The photos today were taken at the market.

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  1. Hi Sandra,

    It looks like you had an interesting shoping day! I could probably spend hours in a place like that.

    Hey, a little snow is refreshing - if you can get away from it. :) It's -33 in Ottawa today..c-c-c-cold!!


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