Tuesday 14 September 2010

Tuesday & Wednesday September 14 & 15, 2010


Today was what is called an 'unsettled' day. It rained then the sun would shine, then cloudy & rain & sun again. I managed to get my walk in without getting wet.

We took the truck in to be safetied this afternoon so it will soon be ready for sale! While out we stopped and got some wallpaper so now I have a job to do. I think the wallpaper in the bathroom will come down quite easily as it's lifting in spots. We also stopped at the library and I stocked up on books.

When we got home I started stripping wallpaper. It didn't come off nearly as easily as the bedroom. The top came off fairly well. Then I had to spray the backing and scrape and then scrape the glue off. Now that I've got some of it off I think I'll have to paint before wallpapering. The drywall just isn't in very good shape. I just keep thinking how nice it will look when it's done. That's all that's getting me through it!


It was up and at 'em this morning. I got the rest of the wallpaper backing and glue off, sanded the walls, washed them, washed the ceiling, painted the ceiling (never again!) and put some paint on the walls just to give the paper something to adhere to. Then sanded the walls again and I'm ready to start wallpapering tomorrow. Pray that it sticks! I just hate all the mess that goes with painting.

In the meantime Gordon got the truck finished and ready for sale. It's now in our side yard by the road with a For Sale sign on it!

A bit of sun, a bit of cloud but I didn't see much of it!

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