Thursday 16 September 2010

Thursday September 16, 2010-Happy Birthday Gordon!


We had some sun this morning but around 2 p.m. I looked at the radar and this is what I saw.

Guess we'll be dealing with this for a while! It was a good day to do indoor stuff.

After breakfast this morning I got busy on my wallpapering job. I'd do a couple of strips, then do something else like make Gordon's favourite Butterscotch Pie (his mother's recipe slightly adapted by his daughter to be gluten free). Today is Gordon's birthday. Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband! This time I used corn starch and it thickened nicely. The last time I made it, it was kind of runny.

The wallpapering went okay. The walls aren't straight and they're in poor shape but I managed to get it done with only one major boo boo. I'll have to ponder how to fix that. It's in a really noticeable spot too.

Afterwards, of course, I had major indigestion from bending over so much.

Then it was clean up and getting the glue off everything including the bathroom mirror and floor. Now it's rest time, oh, after I get some laundry done.


  1. Happy Birthday, Gordon!

    My mother used to make the most delicious butterscotch pie. Now I will be thinking about it until I make it.

  2. I would sooooo much love a big Butterscotch pie. Can't even ever remember when I had Butterscotch pie last. I could easily eat the whole darn thing. A big Happy Birthday Gordon & thank-you for your kind comments on my Egret & Kofa Mountain photos. Coming from you I consider that a true compliment. Hang in there guys & hopefully you will get back out to the West again & travel the dusty desert trails to your heart's content.

  3. Happy Birthday! We have friends who just purchased a fairly new Titanium 5th with opposing slides and was able to tell them that a blogging couple sure enjoyed theirs! ( they bought it in Naniamo or we would have referred them to you, when yours was for sale ). Hope some time we can see you in the west!


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