Monday 19 July 2010

Sunday & Monday July 18 & 19, 2010


The hot spell broke finally. Almost two weeks of over 32C (90F) weather with high humidity was too much!

There was a lovely breeze this morning with some coolness in it for a change. We decided to go for a Sunday morning drive so we headed over to the locks east of Merrickville - Clowes and Upper and Lower Nicholson's.

Osprey nest along the road

The dam at Clowes Lock

Pretty sky

I always liked the colours in these flowers

This is a very old house

At Upper Nicholson's Lock
Another osprey nest just across from the lock

Lower Nicholson's lock

It was a lovely morning for a drive but around noon started to cloud over a bit so we headed home.

We were almost out of gluten free bread so I put another loaf in the breadmaker.

Other than a nap, the remainder of the day was uneventful.


We had quite a bit of rain overnight but by the time I got up the rain had stopped although it was still cloudy. I decided sore shoulder or not, I was walking today. I sure enjoyed being out again and although my shoulder ached I was able to ignore it.

The contractor showed up and started chipping away with the sledge hammer again. I went out and suggested he could probably get farther if he rented a jackhammer so away they went and came back with a small jackhammer. If he hadn't he'd still be here next year this time chipping away. As it is, most of the front steps are removed and it looks like he's going to build over the rest of it.

We went out to run a few errands this afternoon and took a few photos.

This heifer was very protective of her barn

Here she is telling us off

We had planned to go to Perth to get more printouts of Gordon's photos but they were busy today and couldn't do the printing so Gordon will probably go in the morning.

The progress on the front deck

Another sunset drive tonight but it was too clear to make it a nice sunset unfortunately.

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