Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Tuesday & Wednesday July 20 & 21, 2010


I went for my walk this morning. My shoulder has been doing really well today.

We had to go to Ottawa this afternoon as Gordon had a doctor's appointment to go over his tests from his annual medical. All tests were A-OK!

While there we ran a number of errands. I had contacted someone about a used dresser that we were to see on our way back home. We got there and it was way too heavy for us. We're not going to have a replay of that office desk we got last month so we said thanks, but no thanks.

While we were out trying to find the house where the dresser was we saw this very interesting barn.

While we were gone the guys worked on the deck. It's starting to look like a real deck!

We got back just in time to go out again for sunset. It was pretty at the beginning but clouds rolled in and it fizzled.


After my morning walk and breakfast I got the urge to do something with the basement. Unfortunately I can't get everything put away until we get more storage but I got things cleaned up and put against the wall so at least the centre of the room is cleared. I put my craft supplies away in one of the storage cupboards that I bought and used vacuum storage bags to shrink down some of the blankets and linens and put into a plastic storage tub. Gordon was putting his tools into an old laundry basket. When the guys are finished with the deck, he'll move them to our storage shed. They're using it right now.

The construction guys arrived around nine and worked all day. It is definitely now a deck!

My sister called while we were cleaning the basement. They had planned to come for a visit so they arrived later this afternoon. It just started to rain when they arrived. We had lots of rain and a bit of a thunderstorm. They only stayed an hour or so but they hadn't been here for a while and hadn't seen the office set up.

I had made up a meatloaf for dinner so put it in the oven around 4 p.m. as it's a really big meatloaf! It sure smelled good!

I found this photo today when I was going through stuff in the basement. You may not recognize the two people in the photo but it's us nearly 20 years ago when we were married in Gatlinburg, TN!


  1. Deck looks great!
    Can I see BBQ's happening there?

    You wedding picture is precious, and it does look like you two. Thanks for sharing.
    Happy Trails, Penny, TX

  2. You guys are looking as good in that wedding picture years ago as that sunset was looking last night:))

  3. Great wedding photo! Don't you just love coming across pictures you haven't seen for ages?

  4. Anonymous2:47 pm

    LOVE the dress!


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