Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Tuesday & Wednesday June 1 & 2, 2010


Tuesday morning I found a desk on That's the last big item to furnish our upstairs. We still have a couple of end tables to find. So in the afternoon we took off for the east end of Ottawa. We arrived without much of a problem. The owner and his wife are moving to Newfoundland so are selling a lot of their stuff. The desk is very big and heavy. Luckily the owner helped Gordon get it into the truck but I couldn't help but wonder how we would get it into the house.

When we arrived back at the house we got the smaller pieces inside but the top part was really heavy so Gordon decided to take it apart. However, he couldn't find out how to do it so I went next door to our neighbour to see if her son-in-law would come over and help us. He was there within 15 min. and all pieces are now in the office. Once Gordon gets the bottom part together we'll have to have him come back to lift the heavy top part onto the base. There's no way I can lift it. I managed to move it about 3 inches or so in the truck and it was all I could do.


This morning I went out to get some shopping done.

When I got back Gordon had a plan to get the top of the desk onto the desk. It took a bit of finagling but we did it!

After that, since I had seen a chair on sale at Staples, we headed in that direction. However, we also needed end tables for the living room. So we made a slight detour to pick up the tables, then on to pick up the chair and a chairmat to put on the carpet under the chair.

While I went outside for some swing time, Gordon put the chair together. My neighbour from across the street came over to chat for a bit. She showed me a public access to the water just two houses down so now Gordon has only a short walk to get to the water. Amazing what you find out from people who have lived her for 40 years.

Gordon is getting quite adept at putting things together. He's been quite cheerful about it but he tells me it's only because he's almost done. We now have all the furniture items for upstairs. FINALLY!

If I could only get my comforter set from Sears, I'd be happy and then I could take some photos!


  1. Sounds good! Come visit when you have a minute at

  2. It's all getting there, so we are ready to see some pictures!
    How wonderful that you have nice helpful neighbors. Some people live next door to each other for years and hardly ever speak. "Housers" are not usually like RVers, meeting under their awnings and getting to know each other.
    Happy Shopping, Penny, TX


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