Monday, 31 May 2010

Monday May 31, 2010

Today while I was doing the laundry I decided to clean up the laundry/furnace room. It looked like it hadn't been cleaned since the house was built. We're talking serious dust bunnies, spider webs and dust. My eyes are still smarting and it's late afternoon.

We've known since shortly after we moved in that our central vac system didn't work very well. Today I decided that we either needed to buy a new vacuum or fix this one. So away we went to the Vacuum Depot. The lady that owns it is very helpful. She had some suggestions one of which was cutting the PVC pipe to see if the pipe was clogged.

When we got home Gordon took the pipe off the canister and suction was good so he started taking the piping apart and we found a MAJOR clog. Once the clog was removed, we now have a central vac system back in working order! I am happy!

While we were out we stopped at Home Depot and got a closet rod to use for hanging up clothing out of the dryer so Gordon got that installed this afternoon.

While out, we took back the gray comforter to the Sears catalogue depot so now the only one I have is the beige and black one and they still can't tell me when it will arrive or if it will arrive. However I just got my new Sears winter catalogue so I'm looking at comforter sets in it.

Things are shaping up!


  1. You were in luck to find someone to give you some advice about looking for a clog in the vacuum cleaner pipe. There are so many things to do and learn, and to buy when you move into a new place.

  2. Isn't setting up a house fun!!!???


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