Friday 4 June 2010

Friday June 4, 2010

Last evening while the stove was cleaning and it was kind of smokey in here, Gordon went out and bought us some new smoke detectors. There was only one in the house and it was at the other end of the house from the bedroom so he got two.

Yesterday when we bought the comforter set at HomeSense, I said to Gordon, I'll bet the Sears order comes in now. Guess what? I got the email this morning. The Sears order is in. Since I've washed a lot of the items in the set I purchased, I'll be sending the Sears set back. Wouldn't ya know it!

Got lots of things accomplished this morning. Gordon worked his butt off but had fun playing with his new ladder.

This afternoon we went for a drive to the little hamlet of Jasper. We first stopped at Edmonds Lock as it's on the way. I can remember going there when I was a kid. There used to be a government surplus place there to get used office furniture. When my sister started high school we went there to get her a desk. I would have been about 8 or so. I don't remember much about it. It has some interesting buildings.

General Store in Jasper - reminds me of buildings in Texas

Old Community Hall in Jasper

At Edmonds Lock

On to Easton's Corners, another hamlet with more interesting buildings.

Old Carriage Factory building at Easton's Corners

Old wooden bridge at Kilmarnock Lock

Kilmarnock Lock

One thing I found out on our excursion today, this area has LOTS of places to picnic. There are lots of locks on the Rideau River and every one has a picnic area. If you're interested in the history of the Rideau canal, click here.

After that we came back to the city to run some errands and pick up some food for the weekend. My sister from Toronto is coming for lunch on Sunday as our niece's graduation from Ottawa U is early Monday morning. Betty hasn't seen the house yet so we've been trying to get the place spiffed up a bit.

Here's a photo of the bedroom for those of you who have wanted to see it. It looks like the head of the bed is really high but it's really only 4 inches off the floor. I need to look for curtains now.

I found some gluten free hot dog buns at our local grocery store today. So we're having hot dogs tonight and eating outside on our patio set for the first time! It's time it got christened!


  1. Lovely pictures from your little trip, Sandra. Thanks. I am happy to see you two getting out and about, taking pictures like you used to. It's happy trails again.

    My grandparents used to take me on picnics at the locks on the River Thames ( when I was young. It was so interesting, and one of my favourite outings.
    Now, you finally have your bedspread and it all looks great.

    I looked at Gordon's link about Queen Victoria. Very interesting, and tells it in a nutshell, not a long boring school lesson. I wish they had Wikipedia when I went to school, it tells you interesting things, not taught in school, about my former country's monarchy.
    Happy Trails, Penny, TX

  2. Jasper looks like a neat place! Nice photos from there. Have fun with your hot dogs tonight.

  3. Really like the new look of the blog! Very bright and cheerful. :)

  4. Hi Sandra,
    glad to read you're getting settled and still taking trips out. Congrats on the impending grandparenthood! Hasn't this been the best year ever weather-wise, so far? Love the mild winter, and the early summer.


  5. Enjoy the pictures, you and Gordon are so talented with your photography. By the way, bedroom looks nice and comfy.


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