Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Tuesday December 8, 2009-Visit With My Sister

By the time I got ready to go for my walk this morning I could hardly move. I felt like the little kid that is put into his snowsuit and then falls down and can't get up. It was -7C (19F), -12C (10F) with the windchill but it was sunny!

I called my sister and she was up for a visit so I went over to see her early this afternoon. She looks great! I took her this poinsetta. I thought it was so delicate and pretty.

The extra bonus is that Danica was there as well. She is studying for exams (well, supposed to be studying).

On Sunday, they went and got their tree. It's a really, really big tree!

The traffic was starting to form for rush houf when I left so I took the back roads home.

Meat loaf, fresh green beans, rice and cranberries for dinner.

Our high was -2C (28F). Brrrr!

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  1. Sure wish you both were down her in Texas.


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