Monday, 7 December 2009

Monday December 7, 2009-Snow

It was -4C (25F) when I got up this morning. I didn't go for my walk as Monday is the day the housecleaner comes. We reached a high of -1 (30F). Winter is here!

After we had our breakfast, Gordon and I went out to look for a parka for him. We didn't find one that we wanted to spend the money on so he's decided he'll just layer. The coat he has is warm, he just needs to put on more pants or long underwear or something.

We spent some time at Bayshore Shopping Mall, had lunch there but didn't find anything worth buying.

After that we stopped at Andrew Haydon Park. It's starting to look like a winter wonderland. We had light snow for most of the day.

Gulls on the frozen pond

The windmill

This pond isn't quite frozen yet

I took this photo of Max the other night. Even he is getting cold!

I had a nap this afternoon. Seems like I haven't had a nap in ages!


  1. Tell Gordon I've been wearing my lined winter pants for 2 days now. Been cold here & we've got big winds going on right now. Snow on the mountain tops over in the Chiricahuas. We drop down to about 27F most nights but it's all part of being in the high desert right now.........

  2. It looks cold there but pretty...
    Nice pictures!


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