Sunday, 29 November 2009

Sunday November 29, 2009

We did have some sun today but it was chilly. There are reports of some snow flurries coming our way tonight and for the next couple of days. I took my walk along the Trans Canada Trail and walked through the industrial area that is just on the other side of it.

The rest of my day I spent reading. My sister called and wanted to see if I could find her a better rate than she obtained by phone from the Westin Hotel in Ottawa for over Christmas. Amazingly, I couldn't! I thought internet rates were supposed to be cheaper!

I was also looking on line at places to rent in Mexico. They don't appear to be very cheap either! We thought I could fly down and Gordon could drive so we'd have the truck while there. Tioga George has mentioned Aticama so much that I was looking for something in that area but their prices seem comparable with Florida. I'm sure there are other places that I haven't looked where there are better deals.

I did spend some time writing our end of the year newsletter today.


  1. If Gordon is going to drive, he might as well take the RV with him and you wouldn't need to rent anything other than a site!

  2. just finished reading your blog... my wife and I plan to full time in a little more than a year from now and would love to go coast to coast in Canada as well so found your information of luck in your continued efforts against the powers to be regarding the deportation...


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