Thursday, 3 September 2009

Thursday September 3, 2009-Hanging Around the Campground

I was tired when I woke up this morning. Two nights of not very good sleep doesn't help. I went on my morning walk anyway since I hadn't gone for the last two mornings.

After breakfast I went in to town to get some groceries. I also drove out to a grocery that I've only been to once before as they have really good steaks that are fairly inexpensive. We don't eat much red meat but I thought I'd buy us a few as a treat.

Yesterday Betty had suggested that I come to the cottage today but I was just too tired so I called her and told her I'd see her another day. Our days here are winding down however. A week from today we'll be on our way back to Ottawa.

The maintenance guy was mowing around the RV today but he doesn't get really close to it so I asked if I could borrow his lawnmower when he was finished. He even moved the picnic table for me so I could mow. Now things look much better.

I spent the afternoon either sitting out in my lawnchair or napping and reading inside. It was a great day!

This was our site until we got neighbours late this afternoon

Some wildflowers down by the river

A river view

For Gordon's update, click here.


  1. Bottle up some of that serene glass like river view and save it for the winter! Like you say it is only for a little while and it will be all over, but enjoy it for now!

  2. It looks so relaxing! What a life.


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